Помощна маса Mops

251.00 лв.
Каталожен №:78894

A doggy side table, not just for animal lovers - Our Mops side table, a not-entirely-serious creation inspired by a comic figure, performs a useful function. A crazy eyecatcher in the shape of a Pomeranian. More loyal than any real four-legged friend. An original table which will put a smile on the face of everyone who sees it. With its practical top our Mops is actually a flyweight, but with its fighting weight of 6 kg it still puts in a robust performance. A great eyecatcher for the bar, the living room or anywhere else you decide to put it. Material: Polyresin.

Материал: polyresin

Размери (H/W/D): 53.5 x 36 x 35 centimeters

Тегло: 6 кг

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